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Ficlet: Breathe In [07 Sep 2009|11:08am]

Title: Breathe In
Pairing: Desmond/Claire
Rating: PG
Word Count: 412
Disclaimer: I don't own Lost.
A/N: Written for the Impromptu Multi-Fandom (im)Promptathon at crickets' lj. Also for 30_wounds: Kiss it better.

Her fingers curl into fists
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fic: the approriate travel arrangements have been made [05 Jun 2008|04:11pm]


Title: the appropriate travel arrangements have been made
Characters/Pairings: various; includes Claire/Desmond
Word Count: 5005
the problem is that this isn't limited to just dreams anymore - the island followed them home.
Notes: spoilers for the season four finale

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in the hatch -- chapter 3 [21 Apr 2008|08:38pm]


Summary: Set back in season 1. Round about the time where Claire had returned from being kidnapped by Ethan, and has no memory of the crash. The hatch hasn't yet been discovered, until somebody does...

(check my journal for the other chapters.)
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fanarts [06 Apr 2008|09:24pm]

[ mood | excited ]

First post here.
I've made some Daire art.
Hope you'll enjoy. :)

Teaser : 


The rest HERE.

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[19 Feb 2008|04:42pm]

Title: Nothing At All
Characters/Pairings: Desmond/Claire
Word Count: 661
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: #3 - This Cancels Out The Hurt for un_love_you
Summary: Spoilers for Season 4 (though some of it is spec). He shares a bed with her, outfitted in crisp white linens that speak of her innocence and youth and he blames their stiffness and unfamiliarity for why he can't sleep at night. 

(He got half his wish)
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