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clairedesmond's Journal

the original Claire/Desmond fan community
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Welcome to clairedesmond! This the first community for supporting the relationship between Claire and Desmond from the tv-series Lost. If you like this couple, romantic or not, please join us posting & speculating! This couple has shown alot of potential for happening in the end of season 2 and beginning of season 3 and here we can discuss the relationship developing, was it either romantic or friendly. Join the community and post away! Founded 26th October 2006.

- Don't bash. If you don't like them then go away. We have a right to like this couple as you have of your favourites.
- For regular Lost discussion, go check out lost_tv.
- When posting icons or graphics, use an lj-cut. Please don't use more than three teasers. This is to keep the community look clean.
- DO NOT adversite your communities here if they're not Claire, Desmond or both related. This will lead to an immediate ban.
- If you break the rules, I'll ban you without notice.
- DON'T COME HERE SHOUTING "CLAIRE N CHARLIE 4EVA!!11", this is not for that couple, we have a right to like the couple we want even if it's not canon (even though, it pretty much starts to be!).

Feel free to take one of the buttons above or make your own to promote this community! All the help to get all the fans together is appreciated.

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